Business Solutions

Business Setup and Company Secretarial Services

At Worthbrite we help our clients with company secretarial services and assist in business setup in Tanzania. We help our clients comply with the government authorities by navigating complex company secretarial issues at BRELA (Business Registration and Licensing Agency), TRA (Tanzania Revenue Authority) and at other agencies so that they can smoothly start their operations in Tanzania. Our team provides expertise in the following areas;

Business Setup-Registration of companies

We help our clients register companies in Tanzania. Whether it is an entirely new company, or a branch or a subsidiary entity, our team of expert will help you establish your business and smoothly start your operations in Tanzania.

Business registration with the Tanzania Revenue Authority

We have a great deal of experience to register different types of business with the Tanzania Revenue Authority. We can assist potential clients to register companies of different sizes from the wide range industry to comply by with the tax authority.

Other corporate secretarial matters

We have huge expertise to represents local and international clients on the wide range of corporate secretarial services. We provide grants management services for international NGO’s on administrative tasks required in handling money, reporting, and program implementation in a way that meets generally accepted standards as well as the requirements of the funding source.