The Noble Call to Serve the Society

Our mission is to create the lasting impact to the organisations that we serve and in the communities that we live. Worthbrite Foundation has embarked on the mission to serve the society in the best way we know how through four initiatives that we believe will create the change that we want to see. We believe these initiatives will create meaningful and more importantly lasting impact to the society

Local Initiative

Our local initiative is designed to support the disadvantaged children who are living in the tough conditions. We believe that these brilliant young girls and boys have the ability to achieve their God given potential if they are given proper supports. These wonderful kids have the potential to become lawyers, doctors, engineers and so on.

Small Business Initiative

At Worthbrite Foundation we haven’t forgotten what it means to run a small business. Our Small Business Initiative intends to provide trainings and consultancy services to small business owners on how they can expand and grow their businesses. In addition to that we also help to link small business owners with potential stakeholders.

A Call to Save the Society

Worthbrite collaborates with different stakeholders both private and public to offer solutions to the challenges that we face as a society.We are working hard to make lasting impact not only to the organizations that we serve but also to the communities that we live.

Leadership Initiative

At Worthbrite Foundation we believe in investing in the next generation of Leaders. Our Leadership Initiative is geared to support university students through their students organizations such as AIESEC. Our support spans from financing activities that will have huge impact on their leadership skills to providing Mentorship and internships opportunities. Our support in Leadership activities intend to inspire global citizenship.

Climate Change Initiative .

Worthbrite Foundation Climate Change Initiative is projecting leadership to address climate change through our partnerships with local organizations and business community as a whole. We have committed our people, ideas and capital to address the most critical challenge facing our planet. We have an obligation to preserve the environment for future generations.