` Worthbrite | Company History


Advancing Management Excellence


While still graduate students and on the academic corridors of University of Dar es Salaam Business School, the founders conceived the idea to establish management consulting firm. The idea was to establish the firm that is founded on the uncompromising commitment to excellence, integrity and innovation and to serve the clients of different sizes from the wide range of industries.


The company was incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania to provide cutting edge management consulting services. The founders began with the modest balance sheet but with the wealth of entrepreneurial spirit to create the world-class customer oriented management consulting firm.


The firm continued to expand its management consulting services to clients of different sizes from different geographic regions. For the first time Worthbrite was taped by foreign clients to execute management consulting assignments. The clients came from Qatar, South Africa and India.


The firm renewed its commitment to advance management excellence to create lasting impact to the clients that its serve. The firm is dedicated to providing high level advisory to policy makers, investors and organisations